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Welcome to EZRTools

Are SAS tools on your Wish List? As a SAS professional, you have an editor, but does it realy support SAS? Does it have additional tools and functionality specifically for SAS programming? Martin Works, Inc. has developed a toolkit to aid in the writing, debugging and the maintenance of SAS source code. The toolkit is called EZRTools;) and it's an add-on package to Multi-Edit.

Multi-Edit is full-featured source editor that supports many programming languages. With EZRTools it becomes a great SAS editor. Look it over, try it out, we think you will say: Buy it!

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SAS functions Easy
Function cascade allows you to quickly select a SAS function from a list sorted by type. This results in a prototype of the function that shows you all the arguments. Just overtype the parameters with your variables or constants.

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Why a SAS editor with support for other languages? SAS programmers, even dedicated ones, need support for other languages. SAS's ODS means you need to work with HTML. Moving SAS/AF to Java necessitates support for Java as well. With more data being delivered over the web you may need to work with Java Script, Perl or PHP. Your editor should help you with these languages. Why learn the in's and out's of multiple editors, when you can learn just one?

Buy our solution, and you’re done! Your SAS editor will be a great editor for over 50 languages and an awesome editor for SAS. Look it over, try it out, we think you will say: Buy it!

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